Your People

Relationships Management – Meaningfully Connected to your people

Have you ever felt a lack of meaningful connection with your people?

This module through four virtual sessions explores practices that managers can use to engage in their work those they lead and enhance their motivation. This module will focus on how to optimise people and move from instructing to enabling approach. Employee Engagement Plan is provided.



Problem Solving, Decision Making, Conflict handling Skills for Managers

How to get a win-win solution in every difficult conversation?

Based on the skills obtained in Module 1, this module through four interactive session will focus on effective problem solving skills and decision making process that every manager is responsible for. Along the way, this module will introduce successful negotiation skills and bargaining tools to become adept in settling differences.


Continuous Improvement

Improvement: Effective Communication and Influencing Skills

How to make sure that your massage is clear, heard and understood?

This module focuses on enhancing managers’ communication to enable them to lead their teams effectively and meet business targets. This module will also provide an understanding of how to influence as a manager by getting what you want without raising resistance and reactance and maintaining great working relationships.



Culture & Change relevant People Focused Personal Implementation Plan

Where are you now as a People manager?
Where do you want to be?

Having obtained core management skills in three previous modules, this module focuses on developing a personal people focused strategy plan to link business tasks to the company’s business strategy through effective people management. Working specifically with their own opportunities and challenges each participant will focus on the their own division, unit or department and with what they have applied from the previous three modules, determine how to lead their people this year and beyond to optimum effect.

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EQuita Consulting were well prepared and had a thorough knowledge of the topic of negotiation and strategic influence. I experienced excellent delivery skills from EQuita, who took a personal interest in ensuring that everyone got the best from the course.
Sean BalfeNSAI